5 Things You should Know About IGBC Certification

Wondering what an IGBC Certification is? Well, IGBC Certification ensures your home is not just well-designed, but environment friendly and future-proof too. Here are 5 things you should know about IGBC Certification – 

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) offers green building rating and certification services based on the following parameters

1. Energy efficient homes: IGBC Certification requires homes to be constructed with energy efficient materials. The luminaries need to have 20% less LPD than the baseline specified by IGBC. The certification makes it mandatory to use solar powered lights for the common areas

2.  Less carbon footprints: IGBC promotes increasing the use of electric vehicles and reducing carbon footprints. The projects applying for IGBC Certification are required to have electric charging facility in the parking.

3. Effective waste management: In an IGBC certified project, 100% waste is converted into useful manure for landscaping

4. Ample daylight: More than 75% of the total floor area must receive enhanced day-lighting

5.Water conservation: The certification makes it mandatory to implement the following water conservation measures –

  • Drought tolerant plants for minimizing water demand for landscaping
  • Drip irrigation, Zone based timer, controller for efficient usage of water for landscaping
  • Usage of water efficient fixtures which reduces fresh water demand up to 55%
  • 100% recycling of waste water and using the same for flushing and landscaping
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Water metering to monitor the water flow for overall consumption.

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