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Manjeera is guided by its values for all actions within and outside the Group and for business with customers and other associates.

Members of Team Manjeera display initiative even in areas outside their direct work obligations, possesses a strong sense of commitment to work unit goals, and feel a sense of responsibility that far exceeds what’s required by the work contract. They get increased autonomy, greater access to the top management, and more influence in work decisions.

All about Teamwork

Team Manjeera is made of competent individuals who work in tandem, with mutual respect and care while sharing a fierce commitment to their mission. They are highly motivated to pool their individual energies and expertise for a common goal. The teamwork process of joint problem solving, consensus decision making, shared leadership and win/win conflict resolution always yields results that go beyond the expected, thanks to the synergy of shared excellence.

Delivering Value

At Manjeera, to be positively engaged is the key, as much as bringing an owners mentality to work while tossing the I do what I am told attitude out of the window. The commitment of the employee to deliver the value expected by the employer with no surprises is what makes him a true Manjeerite. A Manjeerite achieves better accountability by making the effort to understand thoroughly, the clear strategic direction of the management, the goals, measures and targets communicated, and the policies, procedures and processes in place.

Be part of this burgeoning team of indomitables and reach out to the brightest future that you truly deserve.

If you wish to shine bright in your career, e-mail your resume to careers@manjeera.com

The work culture

We are busy building both landmark constructions and futures of our employees. At Manjeera, you will seek new growth opportunities and get challenged every day, meeting and working with the best people in the industry. We offer continuous education and training to develop your career and help you realise your true potential.

The inspiring work environment and incentive structure fosters team spirit and enthusiasm to realize the objectives of the Company. We know the importance of a safe and healthy work environment, and strive hard to achieve that for our employees.

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