A vision to build a better world.

We build for the future

Manjeera realised very early on, that success can be very quickly redefined. Manjeera has prepared itself fully to dare the challenges of tomorrow’s marketplace. Technology skills, domain expertise, process focus, and a commitment to long-term client relationships…they all combine, at Manjeera, to deliver performances that rank high on quality.

This corporate culture, of delivering value to the customer, is the outcome of the efforts and belief of Mr Yoganand, Chairman & Managing Director, Manjeera Conglomerate. His philosophy of upholding the values of integrity, business ethics, and respect even as the team goes all out to achieve industry leadership, has set Manjeera in a niche of its own…as a Conglomerate that puts customer delight before corporate gain. Its projects stand as hallmarks of quality construction, clear titles, and value for money.

We also know that you´ll love Manjeera as much as we do.

To be synonymous with life-enriching spaces & structures and to ascend to industry leader status.


  • Integrity
  • First time right
  • Proactive
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Innovative

Manjeera is a construction, real estate, hospitality and infrastructure conglomerate with a strong lineage focusing on quality, innovation, cost-effectiveness, eco-consciousness, customer delight, and value to stakeholders’ interests.

Attaching importance to Health

Manjeera is dedicated to attaining sustainable health among its employees. The health viewpoint is continuing and sustainable health is measured by more than sickness leaves. Sustainable health at Manjeera is about a continuing awareness of well-being that leads to the satisfaction of employees. The management truly endeavors to understand the employees and their situation. Working with Quality Management is a way to attain sustainable good health among employees, apart from being fair, and keeping promises.

Striving to achieve “Zero Injury”
Safety for its workforce is Manjeera’s top priority. The “Zero Injury” philosophy was adopted long ago. The work culture at Manjeera necessitates all employees, at all levels, to accept ownership of the safety performance objective of the company. The CEO himself is an active participant and promoter of the concept and sets the expectation that worker injury is intolerable on all fronts. The management ensures that the Health and Safety goal percolates through the organization and every employee, every team, and every project exemplifies that goal.

At Manjeera creating life-enriching spaces is part of the vision. But it knows that it operates in an environment where it has to commingle with people, in urban and sometimes rural areas, and it understands its responsibilities. Manjeera works with the social units around its projects and supports them in any which way possible.

Valuable contributions to society are only achieved through innovation. Anticipating the future is the Company’s forte and understanding the needs of tomorrow has seen it achieve success – critical and commercial. Manjeera’s commitment to a sustainable future is driven by innovation and all its endeavors are aimed at elevating people’s daily lives, preserving the environment, and supporting its employees through continuous training and education.

Excellence is embedded into Manjeera through cutting-edge processes and methodologies that enable the highest design standards and unreserved customer satisfaction. Manjeera was the first in Hyderabad to realize the need for sewerage treatment in a business complex and installed a 70KL treatment plant at ATC. The complex is also the first to have a multilevel parking facility. Moreover, the facilities offered at ATC stand unparalleled even today.

Manjeera spreads the green glow at every opportunity it gets. All Manjeera Constructions meet high environmental standards, minimize environmental impact, and save energy. Manjeera embraced the green philosophy much before its contemporaries did, and uses energy-efficient systems, non-toxic building materials in all its constructions. It adopts eco-friendly technologies such as rainwater harvesting, water treatment systems, and other measures including avenue plantations, landscaped gardens to further enhance the quality of life.

Donning the Green Robe
The Green element in our projects positively impacts investment yields, operating costs, and letting potential, at the same time, offering our customers a positive living and working environment. Our green-minded approach drives us to operate in an environment-friendly way and use resources carefully. To ensure a wider footprint of green, we develop comprehensive environmental concepts and bring in pioneering ideas. Manjeera assumes responsibility to preserve the biodiversity that exists in the area abutting a project. It actively engages in regreening the areas affected and make sure that flora and fauna are protected.